Women's Summer Study

Women's Summer Study

Every Thursday, from 06/21/2018 to 07/26/2018, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: Southwood Lutheran Church, 4301 Wilderness Hills Blvd., Lincoln, NE US 68516

Teach Us to Want by Jen Pollock Michel

Thursdays, June 21—July 26 • 6:30–8pm

Come along on a brave journey through your desires and ambitions in this study based on Christianity Today’s Book of the Year. We all want things: certain relationships, just the right job, affirmation from others, a life full of passion and purpose. Contemporary culture says to go after desire, pursue your “I want” list ruthlessly. But, Christianity seems to send a different message: Wanting can even appear selfish. How do we reconcile the longings in our hearts with the God we’re called to follow?

Cost: $5 snacks, + $10 full book (optional) - payable online or the first night