We have been blessed by our 10+ year relationship with our Sister Church in a small village of Honduras called La Ceibita! Most of our over 500 volunteers will tell you that they joined the mission team to help others, but found that they received back so much more than they gave through the blessing of our relationships with our brothers and sisters and how they actively live out their faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Partnership Projects

Serve in connection to one of our larger partnership projects alongside our brothers and sisters in La Ceibeta:

During the 2014 Easter Project, our congregation raised funds to build a library, and purchase textbooks and learning supplies for our sister church and surrounding community in La Ceibita, Honduras. The project was a little slow to get started but is now nearing completion. Our sister church has dreams of the library one day having computers, an internet connection, English language classes, advanced study materials for students who are going to High School, and classes for adults in the village to continue to their education (a majority of the population only has a 6th grade education).

The program incorporates simple materials to teach families basic nutritional benefits of adding vegetables and proteins to their family diets. In addition, families learn how to easily establish and care for a small family garden. Initially the gardens meet the family needs while excess production can be sold as a micro-business to provide a source of income. As they gain knowledge, they find it easier to repeat their successes and find that other families then want to join in the process.

Our brothers and sisters in Honduras find it very challenging to find adequate healthcare. They have to travel long distances to the government clinics and often have to wait in very long lines (sometimes not getting to see the doctor that day). They have dreams of building a medical clinic, pharmacy and grocery store. This will bring healthcare and jobs to the local community, plus benefit the church.

Visit Honduras!

Sister Church Trips are in March (LPS Spring Break) and July. The Dental-Medical Trip is in June. People with a variety of skills can serve and participate. The most important part of a Sister Church trip is the relationships with our brothers and sisters in La Ceibita.

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Check out these real-life stories of people who have traveled to Honduras and how their lives have been changed by the experience!

I have real life stories about serving on global mission trips, but words fail me. It is hard to explain, but I cannot wait to go on my next mission. I have witnessed the spiritual transformation of a person who has served. I have touched a child who was dirty and hungry, but smiled the biggest smile all the same. I have seen Hondurans, who have nothing, be more grateful towards God than those of us who have everything. I have made new life-long friends in Christ. I have experienced answered prayer. I have seen what God can do in people who are willing to let Him use them.

I love serving God in Honduras because it changes my heart. There is nothing more rewarding than allowing God to use me in such simple ways. I go to see my life and the lives of others transformed. My life will never be the same because of the people I've met and the times I've experienced in Honduras. When I return home and see the direct impact that these trips have on my life and on the lives of many others, I am grateful for God's gift of missions. God has strengthened my faith and now uses me to be a servant and steward both at home and in Honduras.

After my first mission trip to Honduras in 2005 I thought it would be something I would probably like to do again. After my second mission trip to Honduras in 2006, I knew I would be making this trip every year—at least once a year if not more. It is by far the most encouraging week of my year. I am able to completely get away from the hustle and bustle of American life and completely focus on God and rely on Him and His plans for our team. Even though I know we are going to serve the people in Honduras, what we are really doing is serving God. He has placed a burden on my heart to serve him in this way, and I love it. The Christ-centered friendships made during these trips will last an eternity. My entire family will be making the trip to Honduras in March of 2007. This will be the fifth trip for my wife Kay, the second for our daughter Shelby (13) and the first for our daughter Sydney (10). The things our children will experience will change their lives forever and give them a true sense of what it is like to completely trust in Jesus for everything they need.

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