Southwood has been in a sister church relationship with the Uswaa Lutheran Parish since 2002. Uswaa is a parish within the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. It is located on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in north-central Tanzania, East Africa. Uswaa and Southwood recently partnered to build a second church, Nkira Avaanga (construction from 2005- 2015), to serve people of varying ages and abilities in this large geographic area.

photo: Tanzania 2015

Connect with Neighbors in Tanzania:

Partnership Projects

Serve in connection to one of our larger partnership projects alongside our brothers and sisters in Tanzania:

Education past the 6th grade is not free in Tanzania. Many students who complete elementary school do not have the opportunity to go to high school or even dream about going to college because it is too expensive. Southwood partners with the ELCT to support students at Lutheran High Schools and local colleges/universities.

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Tanzania, like many countries of the developing world, is faced with the challenge of providing adequate healthcare. In our sister church village, there is a Government Dispensary however it is located a good distance from the majority of the population and struggles to keep medications in stock – usually running out after 2 days. In partnership with Uswaa, Southwood has remodeled a building next to the church to be a Medical Dispensary to serve the community.

The typical diet in Tanzania is beans and Ugali (stiff porridge made with corn flour and water). The Chicken Cooperative was started at a local Lutheran High School called Uroki Secondary School. The Chicken Cooperative raises chicken and eggs to provide protein in the high school student’s diets, teaches the High School students about poultry production as well as operating a small business and sells eggs and chickens to the surrounding community. It also hopes to be a teaching ground for others in the community.

A majority of the local elementary schools are taught in Swahili. When a student graduates to High School, they are taught and tested in English. Many students struggle with the transition to the English language in High School. The goal of an English Medium School is to teach elementary students in English so they have a smoother transition to High School. This is a new partnership project and more information will be coming in 2017.

The purpose of the Vicoba is to empower the group members to save and manage their own funds.The first group was started by women (mostly widows) that were not able to access a bank loan to start their own business or fund creative ways to support themselves. This first group is called the “Ruth” group and makes hand crafts to sell at local markets. A new men’s group has also started that focuses on raising agricultural products.

Trip Opportunities

Secondary Education in Tanzania is not free. In partnership, we have developed a program where individuals can sponsor a student in local Lutheran High Schools. You will have the opportunity to meet some of the sponsored students and visit their schools.

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A trip to visit our sister church in Tanzania always involves teaching Sunday School on Sunday mornings. Trip members will be divided into small groups and given the curriculum and props to present a story and involve the children in a craft. Tanzania Sunday School Teachers are there to participate and support.

Sunday School Teachers in Tanzania are devoted to creatively present Biblical stories with very few supplies. You can be part of planning and presenting a half day seminar where we offer ideas and encouragement to the Sunday School Teachers.

Uroki Secondary School is a Lutheran High School in the Uswaa Parish. You can be part of planning, presenting and supporting teachers in a 1-2 day Teacher Workshop at the school. A variety of topics have been presented including Formative Assessment, Cooperative Learning, Computer Skills and Quantum Brain Research.

Visit homes of elders in the Uswaa community that may not be able to regularly attend worship due to medical conditions that make walking to church difficult. During the home visit, you will learn about their lives, share encouragement and pray together. You will also have the opportunity to deliver a Piecemaker Quilt or Prayer Shawl made with love by a Southwood volunteer.

Meet with the leaders of the Uswaa and Nkira Avaanga churches to learn about what gives them joy, the struggles/barriers they are facing in their lives and their dreams and hopes for the future. Then work together with the leaders to brainstorm plans to address some of the struggles to help them accomplish their dreams!

Machame Lutheran Hospital is a Rural Mission Hospital owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, Northern Diocese. It is not far from our sister church. Visitors will receive a tour of the hospital plus get to visit the nursing and clinical officer training campus.

Neema means “grace” in Swahili. The orphanage is operated by Lutheran Sisters and is located close to our sister church. The orphanage helps children from the ages of newborn to preschool who have lost one or both parents. Volunteers will have the opportunity to visit the orphanage and interact with the children.

Visit Tanzania!

Whether you want to meet your Tanzania scholarship student, experience Sunday school or teacher training, visit elders in their homes, see the hospital/nursing school or Neema orphanage, or help leaders in the church with strategic planning there is a place for your gifts. Come experience the Neema (which means grace in Swahili) of living life alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ in Tanzania. *Estimated total trip cost for 2016-17 including immunizations, visa, safari, airfare, room and board, and transportation is $3850.

Scheduled Tanzania Trips

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