Ordinary people are making an extraordinary difference in Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Southwood works in partnership with Heart to Honduras, a para-church ministry on the ground in Honduras, to serve the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people of Honduras.

You don't have to speak Spanish to participate ... most of Southwood's team members don't know the language.

On a short-term mission trip to Honduras you will minister to "the least of these", in a way you might never be able to do at home.

Anyone can serve! We need non-medical people on medical missions, and people with a variety of skills can contribute to any mission trip.

Read real-life stories of people who have gone to Honduras...and how their lives have been changed by the experience.


For nearly a decade, Southwood has sent medical, dental, and construction teams to rural villages and supported the local church in Honduras.

Sister Church Missions

In 2005, Southwood built a church and three homes for widows in the Honduran village of La Ceibita. We have added a Sunday School and built many more homes for widows since then. A sewing center, brick making equipment, and a dairy operation have helped create economic opportunity for residents of La Ceibita.

Dental-Medical Missions

Dental/Medical Missions aren't just for dentists and doctors! The majority of people on these teams have no dental or medical experience and have had little or no ability to speak Spanish. They help with patient intake, sterilizing instruments, and caring for patients after they see the dentist or doctor. They also bring the Word of Christ to Hondurans through Bible School activities for children.

Estimated Trip Costs (2012)

  • Heart to Honduras Fee - $500
  • Airfare - $900
  • 1st Time Immunizations - $100
  • Total Trip Cost - $1,500

Participation Guidelines

Learn about Southwood's Guidelines for Global Mission Trips when it comes to youth under age 19 and recommendations for adults in case of medical emergency.

KayHealthFairSouthwood Lutheran Church partnered with Heart to Honduras and a local church village in La Ceibeta, Honduras to develop a Health Fair. The Health Fair is an interactive event designed to engage the leaders and families in the community by providing resources and activities that teach preventive health care and basic first aid.

The Health Fair covers the topics of dental hygiene, hand washing, preventing spread of germs by coughing in the arm, electrical/fire safety, drinking clean water, vomiting/diarrhea/dehydration, immunizations, nutrition, poison prevention, pain/fever meds, preventing the spread of intestinal worms, and wound/burn care. Some or all of these topics can be covered in a health fair setting or individual topics can be taught to small groups in individual sessions.

Interested in leading your own Health Fair or teaching groups of villagers how to improve their health? For more information or material support, please contact Dr. Kay Anderson.

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