Southwood has been greatly blessed by our 10+ year relationship with our Sister Church in a small village of Honduras called La Ceibita! Over 500 volunteers have visited our Sister Church through the years. Most volunteers will tell you that they joined the mission team to help others, but found that they received back so much more than they gave through the blessing of our relationships with our brothers and sisters and how they actively live out their faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Interested in Serving:

  • Library-During the 2014 Easter Project, our congregation raised funds to build a library, and purchase textbooks and learning supplies for our sister church and surrounding community in La Ceibita, Honduras. The project was a little slow to get started but is now nearing completion. Our sister church has dreams of the library one day having computers, an internet connection, English language classes, advanced study materials for students who are going to High School, and classes for adults in the village to continue to their education (a majority of the population only has a 6th grade education).
  • Garden-The program incorporates simple materials to teach families basic nutritional benefits of adding vegetables and proteins to their family diets. In addition, families learn how to easily establish and care for a small family garden. Initially the gardens meet the family needs while excess production can be sold as a micro-business to provide a source of income. As they gain knowledge, they find it easier to repeat their successes and find that other families then want to join in the process.
  • Medical Clinic-Our brothers and sisters in Honduras find it very challenging to find adequate healthcare. They have to travel long distances to the government clinics and often have to wait in very long lines (sometimes not getting to see the doctor that day). They have dreams of building a medical clinic, pharmacy and grocery store. This will bring healthcare and jobs to the local community, plus benefit the church.

Read real-life stories of people who have gone to Honduras...and how their lives have been changed by the experience.


Southwood sends 3-4 Mission Teams to visit Honduras each year. Mission Teams typically have 10-25 volunteers and are one week in duration. Sister Church Trips are in March (LPS Spring Break) and July. The Dental-Medical Trip is in June.

Sister Church Trips

Our Sister Church relationship was founded in 2005 when Southwood built the La Ceibita church and three homes for widows.  Our Sister Church relationship continues to grow!  Sister Church trip opportunities include building homes, teaching gardening and sewing skills, helping at a medical clinic, teaching Bible School, cooking with the women of our Sister Church and much more!

People with a variety of skills can serve and participate.  The most important part of a Sister Church trip are the relationships with our brothers and sisters in La Ceibita.  All that is needed to serve is a servant heart!

Dental-Medical Trips

Travel to our Sister Church and surrounding villages to provide basic dental-medical care.  Skilled dental and medical professionals are needed for these trips but non-medical and non-dental volunteers are needed to help with patient intake, sterilizing instruments, and caring for patients after they see the dentist or doctor. Opportunities are also available to teach Bible School activities for children.

Estimated Trip Costs (2016-2017)

  • Room & Board, Transportation, Translator Fees - $550
  • Airfare - $900
  • 1st Time Immunizations - $100
  • Total Trip Cost - $1,550*

*All trip participants are required to have a passport that does not expire until 6 months AFTER the trip date.  This may require additional trip expenses.

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