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Living Out Our Mission

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We are very thankful for you, the volunteers, who help us live our Mission Vision of Hope, Healing, Education and Empowerment. Below are some of the amazing ways, our volunteers have helped us live out our mission this past year! In our Community: Served over 153,000 meals in our...

Leaving a Legacy!

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In 2003, during her orthodontic visits, Southwood’s Dr. Dennis Claridge encouraged Kay to travel to Honduras. She hesitated—what about her kids, her husband, her job? At her final visit, Dr. Claridge agreed to remove the braces from her teeth only if she agreed to go to...

Save a Life

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Last spring I finally showed up to a QPR training through the strong encouragement of a friend. She pointed out that it was my responsibility as a future secondary math educator to be equipped for signs of suicide, self-harm and other crises. Question, Persuade, and Refer were three simple...

A Safe Place to Share My Story

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I met Brian Mariska in 2010 and we were married in 2011. Both of us had been single for about eight years and felt blessed by God to have found each other. Brian had Multiple Sclerosis, which had been under control for 30-plus years. In March of 2017, Brian had surgery from which he never fully...

Food Drive

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Receive a sack with a food list on your way out of the sanctuary today. Goal: 10,000 pounds of food to honor the 10-year anniversary of Southwood Serves. Return food on October 6 & 7. Flyer Download