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ONE: Session 5

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Read Chapter 9—One with Ourselves, Chapter 10–Return to Home and Conclusion (p. 153–184) Corresponds with sermon on October 14, 2018

Small Groups Strengthen Us All

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Southwood’s emphasis on connecting with others is evident in our Small Group ministry. I have been a leader for many years and encourage everyone to join a small group!  Leading a small group isn’t difficult—training includes study questions and the meetings are very...

The Desire to Live as ONE

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Since I was a young child, I have been attracted to diversity and have considered it a positive thing. My first several years of life were spent in a small college town. The university had a large international student population. I was exposed to a variety of languages, foods, and customs. I...

High School Mission Trip 2018

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We went on a 14-hour drive all the way down to Galveston, Texas to help rebuild the area from the damage that Hurricane Harvey did back in 2017. Every day we would either go on the construction sites or work in the Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. At The ReStore, our group helped rearrange...

ONE—Unity in a Divided World

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In September of 2018, Southwood Lutheran Church launched a Small Group Study and Sermon Series based on Deidra Riggs’ book, ONE—Unity in a Divided World. In partnership with Deidra, who lived in Lincoln, NE for several years and was familiar with the church, video teaching segments...

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Ministry Changes Lives

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I have a passion for the MOPS Ministry because it changed my life. I was a new stay-at-home mom with two kids under 3 and was overwhelmed and lonely. I was invited to MOPS by a mom in an online group. But once I heard it was in a church, I was hesitant. I didn’t attend church nor was I...