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Finding Joy: Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World

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 photo: CWAH group photoTogether, Southwood Lutheran, Clinic with a Heart and the Food Bank of Lincoln sponsored a class called “Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World.” This class is an adult education program that supports people in poverty to create their own plan for stability.  Participants invited to the class were individuals who sought medical care through Clinic with a Heart or requested funding assistance from Southwood’s Good Samaritan Fund. 

Twelve weeks together made a BIG difference. Together, we explored what resources we do have (and we all have some) and what areas we need to develop. We worked with each other on brainstorming ideas to implement and enhance our recourses in our self-identified development areas. 

Plus, this class was more than curriculum. We came together and formed a community and a support for each other. The participants shared the hardest parts of their lives with each other. Together we walked through the lows and celebrated the joyous breakthroughs.

As a facilitator, I think I learned more than anyone. I got to see the world through a different lens. I left each class processing what I had heard and trying to understand what people really do go through. It caused me to think about justice from the perspective of someone who is fighting to survive.   

Getting to be with the class has made me see my blessings anew. I have much to be grateful for and it was a joy to be a part of this class community. 

—Teresa Harms
    Executive Director of Clinic with a Heart

Endowment Fund

We are thankful for the Southwood Endowment Fund for giving a gift of $1,000 to sponsor the Getting Ahead Class to supplement Care Ministry General Budget Funds. To learn more about giving a gift to Southwood’s Endowment fund or how the Endowment Fund makes a difference.

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