Support Groups


Walking through life together is just about all we can do sometimes when life gets tough. The healing presence of God is present even when we can't seem to see it. If you or someone you know is going through a tough time in life, consider attending one of our groups designed for a wide range of life situations. Groups provide education as well as support and compassion.

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Renewed Hope

Join others who have experienced the death of a spouse or life partner. This monthly group provides comfort and understanding alongside those in a similar situation.

photo: group support session


This group meets monthly to help those grieving face the emotions and challenges of living life after the death of a loved one. This monthly group offers a time to discuss a topic presented through a DVD series. If you are feeling unsure, read these comments from former participants. 

  • Being in a safe environment with others who understand.
  • Knowing it's okay to grieve. There are lots more of us out here than I knew.
  • Getting to know wonderful people who are on the same journey.
  • The chance to share experiences on the grief journey—good and bad—and expressing my deepest thoughts.
  • Seeing a little glimmer of hope about the future.
  • I believe I have come a long way—mostly because of the great group.
  • It has helped me talk about feelings.
  • This ministry has made a huge difference for me in my healing.
  • I am proud that Southwood provides this and appreciate that it is offered free and provides a meal. Just eating together with someone and being able to share in conversation is so healing.
  • I appreciate the commitment that SLC has given to this ministry. There are probably more individuals that could benefit from this ministry.
  • This grief group has kept me going through a very difficult time. It has probably been the most significant step I have taken to healing. Thank you for welcoming others who are not members of your church.
  • It has been more helpful than I can say. Being able to express yourself with others in the same situation is invaluable.
  • This has been a gift to me to be able to come to this group.

Understanding Your Grief

An 8-week group for those who have experienced the death of someone significant. This group provides an opportunity to share, support and begin healing.

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Join with others who share in the process of rebuilding their lives after a separation or divorce. Participants are able to explore and grow emotionally and spiritually through this series.

DivorceCare 4 Kids

This class is designed for children ages 5-12 who are coping with changes in their family due to divorce or separation. This group includes games, stories, activities, and discussions to help kids identify their emotions, and develop coping strategies to adjust to their changing situation.