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Oct 08, 2017

The Church and The Communion of Saints

The Church and The Communion of Saints

Passage: Ephesians 4:11-16

Speaker: Pastor Greg Olson

Series: What Do I Believe?

Category: Believe/Beliefs

Sermon Notes

The Church:

A gathering of God’s people called together in mission and with purpose.

The Church is Holy: Set apart
  • Many times the church is anything but holy
  • When the church is at its best, it is true to its mission: Worshipping, Growing, Serving, Giving, Inviting
  • The Church is not a building, it is people—we call it the Body of Christ
    • For the church to work, it needs people with the right hearts.
    • People must be committed to the vision and mission.
    • The Church is at its best when God’s people are impacting the world they live in.
The Church is “c”atholic: Meaning the whole church, universal church
  • Denominations; different understandings of the one Gospel
  • The goal is unity—oneness

Communion of Saints

  • Saints—Hagios (Greek) meaning holy, saintly
  • We are saints both in the present and future
    • Lutherans like to talk about how we are both sinner and saint at the same time.
    • The call to be a saint is a call to live for God and God’s purposes in your life.
  • Becoming a saint is the ongoing process of sanctification

God empowers the Church to be the Hope of the World.