Michael Ryan

Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care

Office: 402-423-5511

Life transitions, traumas, and accomplishments happen. We all get to face death, dysfunctions, times of need, and beautiful moments from day to day. That is why our faith community is important. Here is the place for support and celebrations with God’s help. I love being a pastor, invited into these sometimes personal, vulnerable, or celebratory events. I love seeing how God works in others. Whenever I can have a significant or difficult conversation, I can see into a window of someone else’s experience. We strive to be that kind of church. By the grace of God and this congregation, I get to do what I can in the role of a pastor with a capable and wonderful staff and colleagues. Another thing I love is learning about the history of our faith, understanding scripture in its context, finding new insights and especially getting that goose bump feeling when brushed by the Holy Spirit. 

I also dabble in electronics, make interactive consuls for fictional space travel. write science fiction books to practice writing skills, read Scientific American, AMA studies, basically anything that increases my awareness about how the world works while searching for the Truth of God. Nothing quirky here. As they say, If I think everyone else is quirky—oh well. Lucky for us what counts is God’s rule of faith, hope, and love.

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