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Do 50 Campaign

Growing in our Love for God and Others….that’s what Southwood is all about!  We do this through worshipping, growing, serving, giving and inviting.

On September 12, we honored our 50th Anniversary with a memorable worship service and an invitation to a congregation-wide party!  Now, we have an opportunity to continue our celebration by growing, serving and giving!

Join us for our “Do 50 Campaign”!  It’s really quite simple – before October 31, we’re asking each Southwood family to select one (or more) of the following activities:


Pay $50 forward to one (or more) nonprofit organizations of your choice


Spend 50 minutes each week doing devotions/meditation


Volunteer 50 minutes in the community

Share your story on Southwood’s Facebook page, along with the hashtag #Do50, to share your fun ideas with others!