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Baptism welcomes us into God’s family, as we are named and claimed as God’s own.

Whether you’re one day old or 100 years old, everyone is invited. Regardless of age, God is there with open arms.

Baptism FAQ's

What is the purpose of baptism?

We teach at baptism that a person:

  • Becomes a part of God’s faith family
  • Is forgiven of their sins
  • Receives the gift of eternal life
How do we baptize?

We baptize by sprinkling water and sharing the words of the Trinity. The pastor makes the sign of the cross on the forehead with anointing oil to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Baptism Brochure 

When do baptisms occur?
  • Baptisms normally take place during the worship service, witnessed by our full congregation.
  • Baptisms are offered at all worship services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays throughout the year.
How do I schedule a baptism?
  • Contact the church office by email or phone 402.423.5511
  • Attend a Baptism Class before or after the day of baptism
  • Choose faithful sponsors to help you nurture the faith of your child. Sponsors should be confirmed but do not have to be Lutheran. Sponsors are people who:
    • Live out their faith in their daily lives
    • Will commit to supporting you as you raise your child in faith

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Baptism Class

At Southwood, we ask parents wishing to have children baptized to attend a Baptism Class to reflect on the meaning of baptism. We’ll share resources available at Southwood and you’ll meet other parents who are having their child baptized. Classes are offered bi-monthly. If you have attended Southwood’s baptismal class with an older child, participation is optional.

Baptism Class on Nov. 6

Ministry Coordinator

Amy Hansen

Ministry Coordinator

office: 402-423-5511