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Advent Festival – The Right Place


For many years, Amber and I have served behind the scenes at Southwood’s annual Advent Festival. We usually help in the kitchen serving up all the fun snacks that families enjoy during their afternoon of festivities. We enjoy hearing the music of Mike Mennard and watching all the children show off their treasures after visiting the arts and crafts stations. What also makes this time so special is the fellowship and serving alongside all the other volunteers. It’s what Southwood is all about.

But, the main thing for us is how The Advent Festival puts us in the right place both physically and mentally during this time of waiting. Amber looks so forward to exploring all the various stations where she can put her creativity to work. She also enjoys helping younger children and takes delight in how much fun they have. These tangible things all point toward the celebration we know is coming. Every year when we show up, the joy-filled sights and sounds remind us we’ve come to the right place.

More importantly, it gets our minds in the right place. Taking time during Advent to reflect on why we celebrate Christmas is easier said than done. The Advent Festival is just a good way to start the holiday season.

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