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Be A Light - Kim Fix


"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."  - Maya Angelou

No matter the type of light – lamp, flame, solar powered or bulb – it loses its charge, fades or dies out if disconnected from their power source.  Kim Fix finds her involvement with Southwood’s children & youth ministry programs helps keep her light shining bright.  

Kim was initially drawn to Southwood by its people.  She knew she wanted to be a part of the Southwood congregation after seeing the smiles on people’s faces and the inner glow that radiated through people’s involvement in Southwood’s programming.

She initially got involved with Southwood’s children’s and family ministry program so she could volunteer alongside her children. “Some may think that volunteering with the youth at Southwood is a glorified babysitting job, and that spiritually you may not gain much. I’m here to tell you you’re highly mistaken!! I’ve been in a Sunday School classroom, a Large Group Leader, a volunteer at VBS and a Director with VBS; and in EVERY single role I’ve grown leaps and bounds in my faith. Children have a way of simplifying the world and bringing it back to the basics. Being able to teach and guide them on their relationship journey with God is truly a gift, and I am always on the receiving end as well.”

In addition to sharing her time and talents, Kim and her family also share their financial resources at Southwood.  “Our giving is budgeted every year and the automatic debit system makes it easy!”

Kim encourages others to consider these questions when making their commitment to Southwood “Do you want to grow in your faith this year? Would you like to fill your cup with a commitment instead of feel drained by it? What do you value as a family? Once you’ve addressed these questions, then jump! You won’t regret it. You can be walking around with a big smile on your face too!”

You can “Be A Light” for others by submitting your 2022 commitment card by November 24.



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