Do Your Own Thing - Small Groups


I recently was reading an article about how in most Bible studies we find a book, a
video, someone giving us their interpretation of a book of the Bible or an important Bible
character. That may be the best learning style for some, but our group decided to turn to
the 66 chapters in the greatest guide book ever written…The Bible. So much can be
learned by actually reading the Bible verses yourself and finding wisdom through the
Word and fellow Christians.

Our group has been reading the Bible and using some preprinted questions from a
guidebook (no answers). Many times, the discussion brings up very different topics just
from listening to each other. Everyone has a faith journey to share, trials and joys, and
the need for friendship. I would encourage groups to think about branching out and find
what works best for them. Personal interaction is so much better than always being
behind a screen, when possible. Our group has really enjoyed getting back to an old-
fashioned Bible study. Just last week our lesson was from the book of Philemon. I didn’t
even know it existed. The BIBLE…… yes that’s the book for me.

Small Groups also have the opportunity to create their own fun. This summer the group
decided to spend time together enjoying some field trips. We recently toured the
Stations of the Cross at Cloisters on the Platte and the Holy Shrine Church followed by
lunch at Parkers. Another adventure is being planned. What a privilege it has been to be
part of a group of fellow Christians sharing the struggles and joys of life!


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