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High School Mission Trip 2021 Reflection


by Jack Reiss

When I think about what I got out of the mission trip, the first thing that comes to mind is the relationships I made with the people in the group I was in and the people I was helping. I felt like I made friendships because of being out of my comfort zone.

On the first night I was assigned to a hotel room with 3 people I never had spoken to before. And after all the events of the trip I feel I’ve been acquainted with two of them, and I’d consider one to even be a friend. When I think about who I worked with, the first person who comes to mind is a senior citizen who asked me to help her pull weeds. She ended up talking to me for almost three hours and seemed to be very appreciative of someone to talk to. It felt really good to make a difference to this lady because she just wanted to share her story with someone, and talk with someone, and I was able to help with that. She actually ended up meeting back up with our group and got us 40 pounds of green chilis.

Another part of the trip that stuck out to me was seeing and experiencing new things. I had never been to the Southwest before this trip. It was so intriguing to me to see the different landscape and architecture of this area of the country I’d never been to. What was really new to me was seeing the inside of a Native American reservation. The village inside of the Santo Domingo Pueblo was unlike anything I’d seen before. Seeing these people’s lifestyles and how different theirs were from ours, was amazing to see. Overall, I am incredibly happy that I made the choice to go, and I plan on going on future high school mission trips.


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