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The Lord Lifts Us Up


by Lisa Blankenau

There have been so many times in my life when I have looked to the Lord for guidance. He has always responded by showing me the way, giving me reassurance that I am loved, which is an inspiration for hope. I know I am not alone and that makes the journey easier and smoother for me. I have received this reassurance at the Healing Prayer Services I have attended at Southwood.

I feel surrounded by the presence of God when I am with people who are hurting and looking for the same reassurance. The Healing Prayer Services are beautiful and holy affairs. They include prayers by the pastors, petitions for prayers from the congregants, amazing music by the Men’s Chorus and the community support of those attending.

I have been to several of the Healing Prayer Services and always come out feeling stronger and more certain of God’s presence in my life. This service gives me a chance to pray and reflect on the strength that I feel and the love that is given to me. I know I am lifted up to be closer to God and He has always come through with his promise for me in the healing power of prayer.

If you are feeling the need to pray for yourself or someone else or you simply want to reflect on God’s presence in your life, you may find the Healing Prayer Service provides a calm, spiritual reconnection with God.

The Lord is the strength of my life; whom shall I fear?



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