Thursday, November 24, 2022


Psalm 100

A Real Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for the people around our tables and those who are missing from our tables. And, for the cranky people because they’re your people, too. May we have patience, open hearts and love that shows up like Jesus. And, grace beyond a mealtime prayer.

Thank you for our food and all the hands that touched it on its journey to our plates. And, for our discerning palates. May we not judge another by their desire to have pumpkin pie without whipped cream or pass on the cranberry sauce. Or, anything else.

Thank you for differences of opinions about politics and all that causes our feathers to ruffle. May we be respectful with a listening ear, a calm heart and a curiosity that helps us understand why others feel the way they do. And, set our tables with peace.

Thank you for all we take for granted like running water, electricity and Costco. May we pause long enough to imagine what it would feel like without things that make our lives so comfortable. And, do more of the uncomfortable things that make a difference.

Thank you for your presence in the dark times that make us want to curl up and hide under the blankets. May we feel your warm embrace, knowing you didn’t cause the pain, but are right there to catch us when we fall. And, be reminded of your promise of eternal life.

Finally, thank you for your church we call Southwood. May we be reminded that our table is your table no matter who gathers around it, a welcome and inclusive place for all. Bless us as we grow in our love for you and others. Together, with grateful hearts.

Question For Reflection:

  • Will you pause today to thank God for all the blessings in your life?

Reading Psalm 100 is a great place to begin.


Posted by Jo Sheets

Jo loves connecting people to people, but gets even more excited connecting people to God. Joining Southwood was life-changing, so she longs for others to feel the same. Learning alongside others in a group was the best thing she and her husband ever did.

This sums it up:
  • People lover (coffee date, anyone?)
  • Inclusivity & Justice Seeker
  • Empty Nester with high-school sweetheart Steve
  • Artichoke enthusiast
  • Local restaurant & brewery enjoyer (is that a word?)

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