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Washiriki Katika Kristo—Swahili for "Partners in Christ."

At Southwood we believe that relationships are key as we learn to grow in love for our neighbor. When we serve our neighbors in places that are far away from us geographically, we find a closeness to home in our shared hearts for Christ. Through our work with two sister churches, one in La Ceibita, Honduras and one in Uswaa Parish in Northern Tanzania, we pray that we all might grow in our love for God and others.


We have been blessed by our 10+ year relationship with our Sister Church in a small village of Honduras called La Ceibita! Most of our volunteers will tell you that they joined the mission team to help others, but found that they received back so much more than they gave through the blessing of our relationships with our brothers and sisters and how they actively live out their faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Southwood has been in a sister church relationship with the Uswaa Lutheran Parish since 2002. Uswaa is a parish within the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. It is located on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in north-central Tanzania, East Africa. Uswaa and Southwood recently partnered to build a second church, Nkira Avaanga (construction from 2005- 2015), to serve people of varying ages and abilities in this large geographic area.

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Honduras Garden Project

Southwood Lutheran Church has partnered with a local church village in La Ceibeta, Honduras to develop a sustainable model of bringing practical nutritional and micro business education to families.

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Serve globally right here in Lincoln by joining the Piecemakers and make quilts that are sent overseas.

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Tanzania Scholarship

Education past the 6th grade is not free in Tanzania. Many students who complete elementary school do not have the opportunity to go to high school or even dream about going to college because it is too expensive. Southwood partners with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania to support students at Christian High Schools and local colleges/universities.

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Photo: David Frye "Journeying to Tanzania became a life-changing pilgrimage for me. The vibrancy of the faith alive and at work in our brothers and sisters in the Uswaa Parish continues to inspire me to find and to share God's grace and mercy with others."
—David Frye