Southwood has been in a sister church relationship with the Uswaa Lutheran Parish since 2002. Uswaa is a parish within the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. It is located on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in north-central Tanzania, East Africa. Uswaa and Southwood recently partnered to build a second church, Nkira Avaanga (construction from 2005-2015), to serve people of varying ages and abilities in this large geographic area.

photo: Tanzania 2015

Visit Tanzania!

Join a team traveling to Tanzania in January 2021!

Experience the culture of Tanzania with the people of Uswaa. Mount Kilimanjaro is the backdrop for a spiritual experience with time observing the impact of projects supported by Southwood, meeting the people of Uswaa and surrounding communities and visiting Education Scholarship Program students and schools.

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