Serve Globally

Changes due to COVID-19:
International travel is not scheduled yet for 2021.  We will follow guidance from the US Department of State and CDC to schedule visits to our sister church communities.
Sister Church relationships are the foundation of Global Missions at Southwood.

Through these relationships we are able to learn from each other, support each other and celebrate our faith together as members of God’s family.

Our sister churches in LaCeibita, Honduras and Uswaa, Tanzania share in our vision to grow in our love for God and others. 


The church in La Ceibita, Honduras was built in 2005 by a team of volunteers from Southwood Lutheran and the Heart to Honduras organization.  In 2006, the churches began a sister church relationship.  As our relationship has grown, so has the church and its ministry to the community of La Ceibita.  Together the churches have worked to build homes, provide dental and medical care, and improve education opportunities for the rural area.

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Encouraged by the bishops of the Nebraska ELCA and the Northern Diocese of the ELC-Tanzania, Southwood Lutheran began its sister church relationship with Uswaa Lutheran Parish in 2003. Together, Southwood and Uswaa have worked to build a second church (Nkira Avaanga), establish a pharmacy and improve education and employment opportunities in the rural area on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Serve in Tanzania


Serve globally at Southwood by joining the Piecemakers.  The group gathers twice monthly to make quilts that will be sent to places all over the world.

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Tanzania Education Scholarship Program

Southwood Lutheran partners with the Northern Diocese of the ELC- Tanzania to support students in secondary school, vocational training and college. Widespread poverty in Tanzania prevents many children from continuing their education beyond primary school.  Our program provides students the opportunity to receive a quality education.

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