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Changes due to COVID-19:
Community serving opportunities continue to be adapted according to our local mission partners' health and safety protocols.

God is a God of abundance and has blessed Southwood and its members with many spiritual and financial gifts. It is in our spiritual nature to share these gifts to love and serve others, just as Christ has loved and served us.

We believe God is already at work in our community. This has led Southwood to partner with organizations to continue the transformational work that is happening all around us. Southwood joins in that work by equipping and empowering our congregation to be the Body of Christ in the world by meeting the needs of our neighbors in the Lincoln area. 

Southwood partners with five local organizations that focus on feeding the hungry and healing the sick.

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Serving opportunities are available for individuals and groups. They happen at Southwood, across Lincoln, and surrounding areas. Serving together in a Christian community is what Southwood is all about. We invite you to connect with one of our meaningful serving opportunities below.

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For those already connected, please log into Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) to view your current assignments, submit or accept a sub-request.

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