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Holding onto God's Presence

Posted by Pam Dinneen on

A few weeks back, students attending our High School Youth Group spent time in the Prayer Room and talked about the different prayer elements provided there. One of the things that seemed to really stand out to the students were the wooden crosses. I had multiple students ask if they could have...


Posted by Jeremy Elder on

I was first called to go to Honduras in 2012. This March I was able to make my fourth trip to visit our sister church in La Ceibita. I was blessed to serve with my 10-year old son, Ian, and my dad, Les. It was a wonderful trip but it is difficult to adequately put into words when everyone asks...

Homes with Heart

Posted by Faye Koehn on

Be part of a new start for someone without a home. During the second half of the school year, the Sunday School students have been using their offering to help Matt Talbot. Matt Talbot has a Women’s Home and a Men’s Home that are part of a new project called Housing First that...

Stepping Forward in Faith

Posted by Makenna Armstrong on

Stepping Forward in Faith How can you believe something you don’t see? How can you trust the foundation of something you can’t feel? These questions were pertinent in my mind before my baptism. Most Christians get baptized as babies, but my parents wisely decided I could choose that...

This is most certainly true.

Posted by Pastor Karl-John Stone on

In my middle school years I went to Confirmation Class every Wednesday. Our pastor helped us grow in faith through teaching the Bible, prayer, and Luther’s Small Catechism. In their youth, the older members of my church had to memorize the Catechism and be quizzed on it. That style of...

What is Your Offering Plate?

Posted by Lori Changstrom on

Have you ever looked at the offering plate as it is being passed around during the service, and noticed that it doesn’t have much in it? This might sound worrisome. But people give in other ways! In fact, anywhere from 40–50% of our total giving comes in electronically. We have...

Tabitha Race/Run/Walk

Posted by Dan Noennig on

Join several Southwood staff by participating in this Race/Run/Walk to EmbRACE the aging journey and celebrate Tabitha Meals on Wheels’ 50th anniversary of service to the community.  Register and learn more