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Update 2: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted by Jodi Rowlett on

Dear Southwood Lutheran Visitors and Members,

Recently, the CDC and government officials requested all churches discontinue services to limit large group interactions. We fully support this decision and will discontinue all church services and group activities held at Southwood Lutheran effective immediately. This includes worship services, Sunday School, DELVE/High School classes and any scheduled activity at Southwood, such as Small Group studies, Men's/Women's Group or Care ministry activities. We are re-evaluating our worship service and group activities schedule every two weeks based on information shared by the CDC and government officials.

To provide continuous support for your spiritual health during this time, we will post a church service each Sunday via our Southwood Lutheran website and Facebook page. In addition, we encourage you to consider:

  • Daily Devotions: Spend a few minutes reading Daily Devotions -- when we spend time with God's word, we gain wisdom and understanding.
  • Right Now Media: Check out this Christian video library provided by Southwood Lutheran as a free gift. Create your Right Now Media account.
  • Prayer Requests: When the world seems to be changing, one thing stays the same…the power of prayer. Submit your prayer requests online. Pastors, staff and prayer team members are praying daily for the needs of our congregation, community and world.
  • Lenten Activities: In place of Lenten services, the Southwood team will be posting a weekly message viaour Southwood Lutheran website and Facebook page to help guide our congregation through this challenging time.
  • Online Giving: If you would like to continue to financially support our ministry during this time, please consider using our online giving options.

Southwood Lutheran serves our congregation in a number of ways. Some of the most significant ways are through baptisms, weddings and funerals. We will continue to work with our congregation as these needs arise to identify a solution that allows for God's presence while also meeting the health needs of our community. We are contacting members with scheduled baptisms and weddings to work through a solution. Funerals will be offered as the need arises, in alignment with our community's health guidelines.

Southwood Lutheran is also at work in our community and around the world. We are working with our local mission partners to provide support while also protecting the health of our volunteers and program recipients. If you have volunteered to assist with an upcoming community activity (i.e. Matt Talbot, Gathering Place, Clinic with a Heart, Saratoga Backpacks), you will receive an E-mail providing more details on each opportunity. If your health allows, we appreciate your ongoing assistance in executing planned volunteer opportunities.

The Southwood Lutheran church office will continue to be open from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday-Friday. Please feel free to contact the church through E-mail or phone at (402) 423-5511. Over the next several days or weeks, we'll continue to stay in communication with you through E-mail, Facebook and the Southwood Lutheran website

Please continue to be reliant on God in prayer as we respond to this situation in faith. Faith triumphs fear. Peace overcomes panic, and unity is God's community.

Jodi Rowlett
Executive Director
Southwood Lutheran Church