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RightNow Media—what you may just need...right now!

The news. Netflix. Social Media. All ways to stay informed, entertained and connected. That's all good...until you've edged God out, creating a path for fear and anxiety to enter.

We can help! As a free gift to you, Southwood has invested in an online resource with access to thousands of uplifting Christian videos for all ages. Now, more than ever, it's important to grow in our love for God and others. You can search for your topic of interest or go to "Southwood Lutheran" under "Libraries" and find curated content.

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Don’t you wish there was a Netflix of Christian videos that could help you keep Christ in the center of your/your family’s busy lives? Well, there is!

Southwood has made the decision to invest in a vast online Christian video library called RightNow Media. You'll have free online access to thousands of videos, from Bible studies to practical parenting resources. There are videos for every age group from children to adults, on real-life topics.

To set up your account, send text:
Rightnow SLC
to 41411 

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It's our prayer you will use this resource that meets you right where you are to keep your faith alive seven days a week.

RightNow Media

Rightnow Media