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Sep 22, 2019

Audacious Love

Audacious Love

Passage: 1 John 4:7-12

Speaker: Pastor Greg Olson

Series: Love Does

Category: Love, Forgiveness, God's Love

Sermon Notes

The God of the universe is nuts about us!!!  Bob Goff

How have you experienced God’s love?

  • In Creation.
  • God’s forgiveness of your sins.
  • Through the skills, gifts and abilities God has given you.
  • Relationships with others.
  • Care and support from the church when you needed it.
  • Jesus coming, suffering and death, and rising for YOU!
  • God’s desire to spend eternity with you.

God loves us and God wants us to love others.

  • To love others, we need to be loved.  It is very hard to share love if we do not feel loved.
  • What prevents us from loving?  Hurts, betrayal, anger, etc.  It is hard to love when you are hurting.
  • Where can we find God’s healing when we are hurting?  Right here! We need to stay connected to the body of Christ.  It is here that love is manifested and healing can start to happen.
  • We have a greater capacity to love when we feel connected and loved by others.

We are the expression of God’s love in the world: Love Does!

  • No one has ever seen God. We are God’s hand, and feet, and service and love.  People see and experience God’s care and love through us!