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Dec 23, 2018

Finding Joy when the Door Closes

Finding Joy when the Door Closes

Passage: Luke 2:1-7

Speaker: Pastor Greg Olson

Series: Finding Joy

Category: Joy

Sermon Notes

Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem

  • Mary is going to have God’s child. But there is no room for them in the inn.
  • Ever experience that? You’re trying to be as faithful as you can be and the doors just don’t open for you? You may ask: Does God not care? Did I misread the call of God?

Mary and Joseph would learn that just because you are doing something great for God doesn’t make it easy.

  • Jesus would be born in a barn.
  • After Jesus was born, his life would be threatened and they would have to trek to Egypt for his safety.

But Mary and Joseph don’t stop.

  • They don’t have any other choice. They find a barn and this is where Jesus is born. When a door closes on us we have no choice but to continue on. 
    • We problem solve
    • We seek advice and counsel
    • We pray
    • We look at all of our options
    • We keep going with faith and hope
  • The other options are not attractive:
    • To get angry and resentful
    • To give up

God has come to be with us! Even when the times are hard we need to remember that God is with us, giving us strength, courage, and hope.