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Dec 22, 2019

Go Tell it on the Mountain

Go Tell it on the Mountain

Passage: Luke 2:8-20

Speaker: Pastor Greg Olson

Series: Carols of Christmas

Category: Faith, Action

Sermon Notes

Go Tell it on the Mountain is a spiritual.  Spirituals had their roots in the late 18th–early 19th centuries among African-American people, mostly slaves. Like most spirituals, no one really knows who actually wrote the refrain for this Carol.  It probably evolved from the singing in church to singing while working in the fields. The stanzas were written by John Work, a black man who taught at Fisk University, who sought to match them to the commonly known refrain. It was first published in 1909 and is widely known as the most recognized Christmas Negro Spiritual.

Go—A Time for Action

Shepherds had heard the angels and seen Jesus. It was now time to do something.

Believing begins by recognizing and acknowledging that there is a God and that we need God.  That something inside us yearns to be connected to the very creator of our lives. But our relationship with God is more than just believing in the idea that there is a God.

When we put our faith into action, it becomes real to us. Living out our faith is a way to show others what we believe, but is also forces us to put our belief about God into action.  Remember—Love Does!

So, like the shepherds that first Christmas, celebrate the birth of Jesus in our lives and world.  Then GO, DO something. Put your faith in Christ in action.