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Sep 08, 2019

Love Does

Love Does

Passage: Matthew 5:13-16

Speaker: Pastor Greg Olson

Series: Love Does

Category: Love, Light, Gospel

Keywords: gosepl, salt & light, love does, bob goff

Sermon Notes:

Love Does

  • Love is manifested in action
  • Love isn’t just a bunch of stuff we agree with (e.g. Love Huskers, love desserts, love fall, etc.)
  • Have you ever felt stuck trying to integrate your life and faith?  Maybe there was a time when following Jesus was exciting and vibrant, but now things have started to grow stale.  One reason our life with God gets stagnant is because we stop taking Jesus’ invitation to live risky, courageous lives.  We stop trying to do things Jesus calls us to do because they seem too scary. Bob Goff

Gospel—Salt and Light

  • You are the Salt of the earth.
    • Salt is a preservative and flavoring agent.
    • What are we doing to effect the world we live in?  What are we doing to spice things up? (If you want to spice your life up, check the bulletin for some ideas on how you can make a difference right here!!)
  • You are the Light of the world.
    • Jesus wants us to be a light into the darkness.
    • Whose life is dark right now?  You can be a light into that darkness—do it!!!

Remember, LOVE DOES!