Mercy: God's Love in Action

Mercy: God's Love in Action

Mercy is the theme of our Sunday messages during the first
5 weeks of 2018. Mercy is God’s love in action. It is happening all around us and many times we don’t even recognize it.

Mercy is the key to living life with hope and joy. It restores relationships, helps communities that are diverse find unity, and allows us to be
comfortable with our own human fragility and that of others.

May this study help you experience and share the gift of Mercy.

God Comes to Us

God Comes to Us

At this time of the year we celebrate how God comes to us in the person of Jesus. Jesus is called “Immanuel” which means: God with Us. During this Season of Advent we will be reflecting on the ways that God comes to be with us through Comfort, Light, Peace, Grace and Truth. May this Advent season remind us of how God is with us in our daily lives.

The Good Life

What Do I Believe?

Church Year

Life with God

Life with God

Does God ever seem distant? Do you turn to God only when you need something or to thank him when something great happens? Many of us fall prey to busy schedules and our own whirlwinds. Others find themselves in a quiet lonely place, hurting and wondering who really cares.

As people of faith we believe that God is with us and that changes everything! Opening our hearts to his never-ending presence changes how we live.

During the month of July we’ll look at four ways our
life with God takes shape. Join us for this unique
series about how we do Life with God.