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Dec 29, 2019

Promises of God Fulfilled

Promises of God Fulfilled

Passage: Luke 2:22-38

Speaker: Pastor Michael Ryan

Series: 20/20 Vision

Category: Promise of God

The Gospel of Luke says the promises of God are fulfilled in Christ.

  1. Simeon means “God has heard” and Anna means “Grace, Favor.” God hears and sends a new spirit of Grace in Jesus that no longer fights against enemies but seeks to serve and save all.
  2. In the past, Hannah and Elkanah (1 Samuel chapters 1–2), are barren and through an act of God, Hannah has a son, dedicating him to God in the Temple.
    1. Samuel (the son of Hannah and Elkanah) anoints David as King of Israel in Bethlehem.
    2. David is revered as the greatest savior/king of Israel until now.
    3. Now Jesus anoints us as our eternal savior/king to live in God’s Way.
  3. At one month, Jesus is taken to the Temple according to the Law, Exodus 13:1–2, as an acknowledgment of the true God who saves people.
  4. Jesus is presented like the prophet Samuel was presented in 1 Samuel 1:22–24. Jesus will be offered as a Nazarite—one totally dedicated to the Way of God.
  5. Jesus comes to the temple after “70 weeks of years” in fulfillment of Daniel 9:24 when sin is put to an end and everlasting righteousness begins.
  6. Ezekiel 14:17 is the reference to the sword of sorting and deciding between those who repent and turn to God and those who stay to their own ways.

Are the promises of God fulfilled for you?

  1. Where do you see Christ present in the past year?
  2. Where do you need to see Christ in the coming year?
  3. Will you make God a part of your resolutions? Commit to reading and understanding the Word of God? Commit to a community of faith and be open to receiving as you give?
  4. Never forget how God has committed God’s self to you through grace, hope, faith, and love.