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Nov 05, 2017

Reframing The Good Life

Reframing The Good Life

Passage: Luke 12:12-34

Speaker: Pastor Greg Olson

Series: The Good Life

Category: Joy, Prayer, All Saints Day, Purpose

All Saints Sunday

Sermon Notes

  • Living the Good Life is living a life that matters.  It makes a difference.
  • Living the Good Life is Spirit-led, not selfishly guided.

Living the Good Life is…

Always be joyful. 17 Never stop praying. 18 Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16–18 (NLT)

  • Living Joyfully—God wants us to live a joyful life. But a joyful life is not found in focusing on money, or possessions. 
  • Living Thankfully—living within our means and being thankful for what we have.
  • Living Prayerfully—staying connected to God in a way that our lives and resources of our lives are used in ways that Love God and others.
  • Living with Purpose
    • A purpose of how we will use our limited time.
    • A purpose of how we will use what we have been given: Our money, our possessions, our skills and talents.
    • A purpose that not centered on “Me” and “My” wants and desires, but centered on the things that God says are important:  Relationships, caring for others, serving, giving, loving.

Then Jesus said, “Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own.” Luke 12:15  (NLT)