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Feb 02, 2020

Serving Others in Need

Serving Others in Need

Passage: Matthew 25:31-46

Speaker: Pastor Greg Olson

Series: 20/20 Vision

Category: Service

Sermon Notes

Why do we do Missions?

  • Because we care.
  • Because it’s an expression of our faith.
  • Because Jesus COMMANDED IT!

Three major themes in Matthew 25:31-46

  • Theme 1:  Judgment: sheep and goats
  • Theme 2:  Our judgment is based on how we treat those in need
  • Theme 3:  The condition of our hearts is what motivates us to serve those in need. What Jesus is looking for is what is in our hearts.  If we don’t have a heart for those in need, we really don’t know Jesus

We live in a world of self-centeredness, fear and distrust

  • These turn us inward.  We create narratives that justify our lack of action.
  • We fear those who are different from us…different colors, different nationalities, different religions, different economic status,
  • What Jesus is getting at in this lesson is this:  Where is your heart?  If you have a heart for Jesus, you will have a heart for those who are suffering and different from us, because those are the people for which Jesus had a special love.

God’s 2020 Vision for us

  • God’s desire is to do life with all people—his creation.
  • What keeps us from loving God and others is self-centeredness, fear and distrust—the opposite of faith, hope and love.
  • We are called to change (be transformed) and to live by faith and not by the standards of this world.
  • God wants us to care and serve one another to help make God’s kingdom a reality.