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Serve at Southwood Sunday Opportunities

Provide a welcoming environment in the sanctuary for worship services! Assist guests with seating, hand out and collect bulletins, take the offering and direct worshipers to Communion. Arrive 30 minutes before the start of the service.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

We would be glad to help you find a way to serve. Call the church at 402-423-5511 or complete the form below. 

Help Me!

Southwood Serves 2021

October 10 - Each year, Southwood members spend one hour of one day serving together.  We cover Lincoln with volunteers in matching Southwood Serves t-shirts!

Opportunities to serve are made available throughout the community, at the church, and at home. There are things for volunteers of all ages and interests. You can help someone with yard work, pack food bags, clean up the garden, make sack lunches, assemble bags of supplies, or sort donations. There is something for everyone! 

Registration opens Sunday, September 12.

Southwood Serves 2021