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Jul 08, 2018

The Burden of Self-Reliance

The Burden of Self-Reliance

Passage: Psalms 23

Speaker: Drew Jagadich

Series: Traveling Light

Category: Faith, Guidance, Direction

Sermon Notes

We all have too much baggage in our life. Stress, worry, busyness, burdens of the past that we can’t let go, the need to always be right. In order to travel light, we must let go of the burdens that weigh us down and limit us from living an abundant life.

Attitudes of Self Reliance

  1. I don’t need any advice
  2. I can handle _______ all by myself
  3. I want to do it my way

The Lord is my Shepherd

These are the words that David chooses to poetically describe God and God’s relationship to humanity. An invitation to abide in God’s care and ways.

  • God provides guidance and direction
  • God provides protection and care
  • God provides faith and trust
  • God provides abundant life

How are we to respond?

  • Let go of the need to always perform & the burdens you carry
  • Reject the often self-centered attitudes you hear
  • Have trusted people in your life who keep you in check
  • Spend time to rest, relax, and listen to God’s voice