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Holding Each Other Accountable


by Heidi Longe, Chair of Ministry Advisory Board and Ministries Volunteer 

I've been involved in ministries at Southwood since we did the church-wide study of Purpose Driven Life many years ago. My sister and I were in charge of getting everyone into a small group. Since then, I have continued to participate in small groups and other opportunities that Southwood has provided to grow in your faith.  

When we are gathered together, I enjoy hearing about others' experiences and how they grow their faith.  I always leave small group inspired to try and be a better person and have great memories of serving together in the community. Our small group holds people accountable and lifts each other up when we stumble. 

I serve on Sunday mornings because I feel God has given me spiritual gifts and I am expected to use those gifts.  If I can use those gifts to help others on Sunday morning, why wouldn't I do that?  I also feel this is one way I can put into action Southwood's mission of "Growing in our Love for God and others." 

Getting involved in activities beyond worship has given me the confidence to talk about my faith, invite others to attend Southwood, and to work on loving others. 



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