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We believe we are called to serve!

The purpose of Missions at Southwood is to connect our members with opportunities to serve their neighbors near and far.

We have developed partnerships with organizations engaged in feeding the hungry and healing the sick. Through these partnerships, we are able to participate in the many ways God is already at work in the world.

You are invited to join us as we serve our neighbors near and far.

Areas We Serve

The East African country of Tanzania is home to Mt. Kilimanjaro and a great place to experience beautiful wildlife safaris.

Our sister church, Uswaa Lutheran Parish, is located in the Moshi district which is on the southern slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We have partnered with the church since 2002 in our efforts to grow in our faith and our love for others.

Through many projects our partnership has provided opportunities for education, employment and health care in the community. 

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Southwood has served in many areas of Honduras since we began with dental mission teams in the early 2000's. After building the church in La Ceibita and then officially becoming sister church partners, that village has a special place in our hearts. La Ceibita is located in the central-northern mountain region of Honduras with beautiful views everywhere.

Our partnership has provided clean water for the area, built more than 50 homes and provided opportunities for education and employment. 

Southwood also supports Haley Janssen in her work with a children's home in El Progreso, Honduras.

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Southwood partners with organizations in our community to support their work in poverty alleviation and to provide members opportunities to serve our community. 

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Southwood Serves Event

Southwood Serves Event

Each year, Southwood members spend one hour of one day serving together.  We cover Lincoln with volunteers in matching Southwood Serves t-shirts!

Opportunities to serve are made available throughout the community, at the church, and at home. There are things for volunteers of all ages and interests. You can help someone with yard work, pack food bags, clean up the garden, make sack lunches, assemble bags of supplies, or sort donations. There is something for everyone!

Southwood Serves 2021

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