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Uswaa Lutheran Parish

Since we became sister churches, Southwood and Uswaa have enjoyed serving God and others together. That joy is reflected in the strong relationships and connections that have been built by the Southwood members who have visited Uswaa.

The Uswaa Lutheran Parish and Nkira Avaanga church are currently led by Pastor Calvin Kessy. Pastor Calvin and the church's partnership committee collaborate with Southwood to improve access to health care, support education and improve business and employment opportunities.

Working Together

The current Uswaa and Southwood partnership projects are:

  • KuKu Project - a feed mill and hatchery to support local farmers in starting chicken and egg businesses.
  • English Medium School - a preschool program that will give young students a good start in education. Grade levels will be added gradually as the children progress.
  • Medical Dispensary Clinic - construction of a medical clinic that will provide health care for the community. 


Tanzania Education Scholarship Program

Widespread poverty in rural areas of Tanzania prevents many children from continuing their education beyond primary school. Southwood Lutheran and the Northern Diocese of the ELC-Tanzania work together to provide opportunities in education. Students are supported in secondary and post-secondary education and vocational training. Students and their families are extremely grateful for the opportunities and hope that an education scholarship provides.

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Tanzania Serving

Short-term Mission Teams

Going to Tanzania with Southwood is an opportunity to grow in our love for God and others together. Teams serve the people in Uswaa and nearby villages alongside our Tanzanian partners. Each team has a unique purpose and experience but every trip includes:

  • Team meetings and activities in the months leading up to the trip.
  • Time in worship and fellowship with the Uswaa community.
  • Activities with local children and families.
  • Opportunities to learn local customs and culture.

Teams are led by Southwood Mission staff who coordinate all travel plans. Team members are responsible for the cost of their trip, getting the CDC recommended vaccinations, and attending team meetings. 

All team members are required to have a desire to serve others but do not have to be members of Southwood.

We hope to resume international travel in 2022.  Sign up to receive information about future trips to Tanzania.

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